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Mina Guli's #RunningDry Campaign Turns into Movement

  • Mina Guli's #RunningDry Campaign Turns into Movement
    Mina Guil (Kelvin Trautman)
  • GWP Steering Committee Member Mina Guli's #RunningDry campaign - to run 100 marathons in 100 days to raise awareness around the global water crisis - has turned into a movement, after a serious injury forced Mina to take a break from running.

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"Marathon 62 was momentous. It ended with tears thanks to multiple stress fractures in my right femur. I was told that if I continued running (or walking) on my leg, I would never run again. That if I didn’t take a break, I would break," writes Mina in her blog.

However, while Mina is not able to run, she will continue her campaign - either by doing km in her wheelchair or on crutches, or through her followers all around the world, who have undertaken to do km and donate these to her. When Mina is not out on the road, she will be meeting with local people in each of the towns and countries that she visits who have been personally affected by the water crisis and making sure their stories are heard.

Read the full press release about Mina's injury, and Mina's own words in her blog.