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I.E.S. develops technology to mine sea water without harming the environment

  • I.E.S. develops technology to mine sea water without harming the environment

About the entity

I.E.S. is a German company specializing in advanced eco-technologies, particularly in the recycling of seawater brines resulting from any desalination method.
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The German scientific research company I.E.S., made a breakthrough after 19 years of research inventing a technology that makes sea miningpossible without harming the environment.

The first objective of the invention was to find an inexhaustible source of drinking water for humanity, which in turn solves the global water shortage.

The second objective this technology has made possible is sea mining where industries and agriculture can finally extract unlimited quantities of precious minerals, such as potassium and magnesium from the sea.

The third objective achieved by this technology is eliminating the pollution resulting from the desalination plants.

"I.E.S. technology is of parallel value to the discovery of several Earth-like planets," said Dr. Martin Padisak, CEO of I.E.S.

"Despite the endless research over the years by well-known research centers around the world, no one was able to come up with cost effective solutions to Calcium separation and re-emerging dilemma which is necessary to raise the brine concentration in seawater and make the sea mining industry profitable," Dr. Martin added.

I.E.S. discovery enables the desalination industry to completely recycle the rejected Brine, a highly concentrated Saline seawater rejected from desalination plants with a zero discharge and an environmentally friendly process.  As a result, the desalination industry becomes commercially profitable.