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The only risk-free funding opportunities for innovative water technology trials

  • The only risk-free funding opportunities for innovative water technology trials

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Isle Utilities
Innovation consultancy specialising in the development and commercialisation of emerging technologies in the water & environmental sectors.


Updates from award winning Trial Reservoir initiative

The Trial Reservoir launched by Isle Utilities in November 2021 has had an exciting journey of progress over the last quarter. With three trials currently underway, and five finished trials, four of which were successful, the initiative is gaining vast exposure within the industry, providing technology innovators the opportunity to advance their creations within the water industry.

New Initiatives

December of 2022 saw an exciting month for Isle’s Trial Reservoir initiative with the announcement of the new Brazil Trial Reservoir. This new arena for innovative opportunities was announced during the December episode of the Water Action Platform. The Brazil Trial Reservoir follows the same principles as the original Climate Change programme providing a reservoir of funding available to commercial stage technology companies. This funding will allow these companies to undertake trial deployments within Brazilian water utilities.

The Brazil Trial Reservoir is co-funded by the Inter-American Development Bank Group’s innovation arm, IDB Lab. This new partnership aims to accelerate the adoption and scale of novel tech-based solutions to help water and sanitation service providers achieve efficiency and cut their emissions. The technologies implemented will have a significant impact on climate change adaptation, reducing water consumption and mitigation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

New Sponsors

The Trial Reservoir is excited to announce the arrival of our new sponsor, Aqualateral, a multi-asset class investment vehicle dedicated to investing in transformative solutions to local and global water crises. The partnership is a new approach to funding and scaling breakthrough water technologies.

Exciting News!

The Trial Reservoir has been shortlisted as a finalist for the edie Awards 2023! Formerly known as the Sustainability Leaders Awards, the nomination is part of the Net Zero Carbon Strategy of the year category. 

This award is open to organisations of all industry types and sizes that have developed or delivered ambitious decarbonisation strategies.

Recent Trial Success

Advantageous Systems (ADS) and Linneman Ranches, Inc, Fresno, California

This trial focused on well water treatment for agricultural utilisation, selectively removing boron upstream of a reverse osmosis system. Linneman Ranches involved in the trial produce tree crops. The orchards are irrigated during the dry seasons using borehole/ well water.

The aim of this unique trial was to lower electrical energy demand of the reverse osmosis by eliminating the need for a second pass membrane. The high concentrations of geologically occurring boron needed to be lowered to 1.5-2.0 ppm to meet the crops tolerance levels.

If Linneman Ranches can treat their water to a suitable standard, they are permitted to give it to the water district. The ranches then receive water credits as they have lowered the demand for water to be brought in from outside the district. The business can use those credits on their other properties in the district or sell them to other farmers.


The trial gained successful results meeting all originally set KPIs.

  • The trial system treated a feed flow of untreated well feed water at a blended rate of 2,000 gallons per minute.
  • Water quality also met the required limits for total dissolved solids, boron, chlorides and sodium.
  • Over 90% of feed water is treated water and less than 10% is rejected wastewater.
  • Average treatment electrical consumption is over 740 kWh per acre foot, providing an energy saving of 520 kWh p/m at the trail site, equating to an offset of 0.23 tonnes of CO₂e p/m

The Trial Reservoir is proud to be a part of such exciting new scientific chapters around the world and add ADS to its portfolio of trial successes.

For more information on the Trial Reservoir visit:

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