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Miya Jamaica donates relief supplies to COVID-19 affected communities in Jamaica

  • Miya Jamaica donates relief supplies to COVID-19 affected communities in Jamaica

About the entity

Miya is a provider of end-to-end integrated solutions in urban water efficiency and an operator of water assets. Established in 2008 with the mission of ensuring the abundant supply of fresh water through efficient management of existing resources.

The voices of many Jamaicans can be heard amid the world-cry of displaced workers who are now faced with financial fallouts, owing to the novel coronavirus.

In response to these outcries, Miya Jamaica has stepped in to provide relief supplies to Jamaican families, who are enduring financial hardships and stringent physical restrictions during this time. In the past days, Miya has delivered hygiene supplies, food and liquids among other essential resources to several affected communities across the Island.  

Country Manager for Miya Jamaica, Alvaro Ramalho said, “Since our arrival in Jamaica, over five years ago, Miya has been integrated into the culture and life of Jamaicans; we feel at home and consider ourselves to be part of the island, with a responsibility to our communities. We are committed to working with the National Water Commission (NWC) to improve the quality of life for all Jamaicans, in every aspect possible. It is with this whole-hearted approach  that  we designed the COVID-19 care initiative, because we understand that the coronavirus has cast a shadow on several aspects of our individual lives and we wanted to provide as much support as we can, especially to families within the communities that we serve.

The NWC and Miya Jamaica also want to thank all our employees -‘Water Heroes’-  for their stark efforts and risking their lives daily on the work sites to guarantee efficient operations needed to keep the water flowing during this pandemic; and also for their commitment and support in rolling out this relief initiative to the different communities,” Ramalho stated.

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