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50 year warranty

TOM®, PVC-O pipes guaranteed for 50 years

About the entity

The highest engineering capabilities, together with a proven experience, make of the Molecor technology an excellent, robust and reliable system. With its two business lines, pipe manufacturer and technology,
Schneider Electric


Molecor, a company specialized in the development of Molecular Orientation Technology, offers highly effective products and solutions to the pressurized water pipe market, which has allowed it to position itself as a leader in the manufacture and marketing of TOM® Oriented PVC Pipes (PVC -O), a product that the company guarantees for 50 years.

TOM® Pipes have the corresponding AENOR N Mark product certifications No. 001/007104 in accordance with UNE-EN 17176: 2019, and No. 001/006537 in accordance with ISO 16422: 2014, as well as different health certificates that make it an optimal product for transporting water intended for human consumption.

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