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UK perspectives on sustainable drainage

UK perspectives on sustainable drainage

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Polypipe has an established market position, spanning the residential, commercial, civils and infrastructure, and public non-housing sectors in the UK and selected markets across the globe.
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The presentation of iAgua Magazine 25 was held on December 18 and focused on water management in Europe. Experts from various sectors analyzed the challenges of water management and discussed the most relevant projects, as well as the most advanced technologies used to supply a growing demand for water.

Roca Madrid Gallery hosted the presentation of iAgua Magazine 25, where Michael Bates, Business Development Manager - Water Management​ at Polypipe, spoke about water management in the United Kingdom.

Bates explained that "The London Plan focuses on sustainable drainage, requiring blue and green solutions". In addition, he spoke of Polypipe's water management vision, which focuses on the application of different Nature Based Solutions (NBS): "Nature based solutions is something we are looking at in the UK, Germany and most of the Northern European countries".