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Global desalination market projected to reach US$ 32 billion by 2027

  • Global desalination market projected to reach US$ 32 billion by 2027

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The "Global Desalination Market, Size, Forecast 2022-2027, Industry Trends, Growth, Insight, Impact of COVID-19, Opportunity Company Analysis" report has been added to's offering.

This latest research report provides a detailed analysis of the desalination Industry. The global desalination market is projected to be US$ 32.02 Billion by 2027, from US$ 19.29 Billion in 2021.

Desalination is an excellent response to exogenous risks such as dependency. Remarkably, desalination proves to be reliable technology in times of drought and water scarcity globally. While in some countries, desalination is an indispensable water supply source regularly. North African Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Israel, Kuwait, Singapore, Oman and small islands like Maldives, etc. are some countries where desalination is a huge business opportunity.

The global desalination market is projected to be US$ 32.02 Billion by 2027, from US$ 19.29 Billion in 2021

Every year over half the global population experiences forms of water scarcity. Besides, the water shortage also affects populated areas where supply is constrained. Further, with an increasing population, urbanization, and economic growth, water scarcity globally is projected to worsen. Hence, desalination is a good tool for water scarcity management. Desalination is a process in which the surplus salts are removed from seawater or brackish water, and making the water safer to drink.

With Evolution of Time Multi-Effect Distillation is Becoming More Competitive at All Scales:

Multi-Stage Filtration has been the more competitive thermal technology for larger projects and Multi-Effect Distillation for smaller ones. Multi-Stage Filtration technology is highly preferred because of its lower risk and familiarity with the market, along with its application on a larger scale over a more extended period. Besides, with time's evolution, Multi-Effect Distillation is becoming more competitive at all scales.

Economies of scale favor the growth in the market for Multi-Effect Distillation and Multi-Effect Distillation advantages over Multi-Stage Filtration, such as lower energy requirements and lower capital costs, is likely to lead to more widespread adoption of Multi-Stage Filtration technology globally in the coming years.

Global Desalination Market will grow with a CAGR of 8.8% from 2021-2027:

In recent years, conventional approaches relying on rainfall and river runoff in water-scarce areas are no longer sufficient to meet human demands. Unconventional water resources, such as desalinated water, are expected to play a crucial role in narrowing the water demand supply gap. The major factors pushing the expansion of the desalination market are dwindling of water resources under the impact of changing rainfall patterns, rising temperatures, and over-exploitation.

Nevertheless, installing desalination plants and assuring their flourishing operation is a convoluted and multifaceted process dangling on capital and operational costs, water salinity, production capacity, geographical location, socio-economic and environmental conditions.

COVID-19 Impact on Global Desalination Market:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, various construction spots and manufacturing companies were barred in 2020, resulting in the sluggish growth of the desalination industry. However, as the world has initiated returning to normalcy from the beginning of 2021, the demand for desalination has been witnessing growth as the governments of various countries are immensely investing in water treatment solutions to fulfill water scarcity issues.

In addition, augmenting measures for providing a safe and reliable water supply to the people in the country amidst the COVID-19 outbreak have driven the demand for water treatment, especially desalination globally.

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