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ReTo completes sewage treatment projects in Henan, China

  • ReTo completes sewage treatment projects in Henan, China

About the entity

We are a manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly construction materials (aggregates, bricks, pavers and tiles), made from mining waste (iron tailings) and fly-ash, as well as equipment used for the production of these eco-friendly construction.


ReTo, a one-stop, total technology solutions provider for the healthy improvement of ecological environments, announced the completion and local governmental acceptance of the design, engineering, supply and ongoing maintenance for sewage treatment projects it was awarded in the Henan province. ReTo was awarded contracts covering 4 villages in Bo'ai County, Jiaozuo City, located in Henan province. The projects were awarded based on ReTo's success on similar environmental projects, along with its proven technical excellence and proprietary technologies, which serve as the foundation for its sustainable environmental systems and solutions. Located in China's Yellow River Valley, the historic Henan province is believed to be the place where Chinese civilization began.ch

Mr. Li Hengfang, ReTo's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "We appreciate the confidence of the esteemed Henan province authorities, as they work to optimize wastewater treatment and improve the water quality of the region by stopping untreated wastewater discharge from the villages. They were facing a significant problem with long-term environmental ramifications. ReTo was able to provide an engineering, execution and ongoing operating solutions to solve the sewage discharge problem. Importantly, the processing results of the network, pumping stations and fully automated cleaning system we implemented have met the national Emission Standard for Pollutants in Urban Sewage Treatment Plants (GB18918-2002) and are helping the local government reach its goal for environmental improvement. This is also another example of our progress in O&M sales, as we work to build a sustainable long-term business by providing ongoing operation service."

"We look forward to building a long-term relationship and will work to win additional sewage treatment projects and O&M contracts in the Henan province, as part of the broader growth strategy we are executing, the expansion of ReTo's ecological restoration industry chain and our efforts to obtain additional local ecological restoration project contracts."