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10 most-viewed videos in social media for World Water Day 2019

  • 10 most-viewed videos in social media for World Water Day 2019
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‘Leaving no one behind’ is the theme of this year’s World Water Day chosen by the United Nations. The main goal of this day is to remind the general public of the importance of freshwater, and that water is a human right. Today, over 2 billion people continue to lack safe drinking water at home and more than twice as many lack safe sanitation.

As in every edition of World Water Day, all the entities that carry out their work in the water sector make a special effort in terms of communication to transfer their message through different platforms. One of the most popular formats is the video, which achieves high engagement rates with users of social networks. Below, we have selected the ten most popular videos to celebrate World Water Day on Twitter and other social media platforms:

European Commision

Water Aid

UN Environment

Europe Aid





The Nature Conservancy

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