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Effective communication is at the heart of every business

  • Effective communication is at the heart of every business
    Image: Pablo González-Cebrian
Schneider Electric

Effective communication is at the heart of every business, but what is it exactly?

This method of sharing information with the general public or with employees must be done in a positive way and adequate manner, choosing appropriate channels and diversifying the language used depending on your target.

Although business communication can easily be overlooked, it should be central in a company’s business plan. This is especially true when referring to the water industry. Not only should water companies advertise their latest business news, such as the launch of new products, or new business agreements, but they also have a moral responsibility to convey the crucial importance of a resource that is key to all living things.

This is particularly true nowadays, when climate change, population growth, and changes in land use are decreasing the world's freshwater supply. More than ever, global water companies need to increase their communication to reach the general public and inform them of the growing water crisis we are facing.

This is why in Smart Water Magazine, we believe it is essential to launch a cycle of interviews to Communication Officers of top businesses, international organizations and NGOs in the water sector, to find out how they are facing this complex challenge and to discover their top success stories and how they plan to convey information about water in the future.

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