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Smart Water Magazine beats Global Water Intelligence in April according to SimilarWeb

  • Smart Water Magazine beats Global Water Intelligence in April according to SimilarWeb
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Smart Water Magazine (SWM), the international news media launched last January, continued to grow strongly in April. According to the independent measuring company SimilarWeb, which provides web analytics services to businesses, SWM had more than 24,000 visits in the past 4 weeks (from April 6th to May 5th), a figure that consolidates its upward trend in the recent months.

By way of comparison, note that SWM already tops the audience of Global Water Intelligence (GWI), a news media launched in the year 2000. During the same period of time, GWI had less than 15,000 visits, despite the presentation of its well-known awards.

SWM also exceeds by far the audience of Desalination.biz, and is narrowing the gap with Waterworld and Wateronline.com, the two media that lead this ranking.

United States, the primary market

According to data from Google Analytics, 28.5% of SWM’s traffic came from the United States. Spain followed with 11%, India with 5%, United Kingdom with 4% and the United Arab Emirates with 2.3%.

Looking at world regions, traffic from the American continent was 46.5% of the total, traffic from Europe was 27%, and from Asia 20.4%.

Most read contents

Below you can see the list of the most successful contents published in SWM in the past month:

  1. London sewers blocked by whale-sized 'concreteberg'
  2. Arsenic-laced water may cause more young deaths
  3. There is no such thing as a flushable wipe, new study shows
  4. Manuel García (Almar Water Solutions): “We need to send our audience proper messages in real time”
  5. Cate Lamb (CDP): "Water must be meaningfully embedded into corporate governance"
  6. A Blue and Green Future
  7. SoCalGas awarded US$3m to create twice as much renewable natural gas from wastewater
  8. Almar Water Solutions & Hassan Allam Utilities form JV to develop water projects in Egypt
  9. Acciona enters Vietnam with a €200 million wastewater plant contract
  10. What if we stop talking about water and start talking about water security?

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