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South Korea proposes a project with China to address air pollution with artificial rain

  • South Korea proposes project with China to address air pollution with artificial rain
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The President of South Korea has put forward a project with China that would use artificial rain to improve the air quality in Seoul, according to The Associated Press. Increasing air pollution in the capital city is causing great public concern, with commuters wearing masks under heavily polluted skies.

The surge in airborne pollutants has been blamed on industrial activity in China as well as vehicle emissions in South Korea. Furthermore, President Moon Jae-in intends to accelerate decommissioning of power plants running on coal, said the presidential spokesperson Kim Eui-kyeom.

Moon has recognised that China’s technologies to initiate rain are more advanced than their own. In fact, last January the Korea Meteorological Administration attempted to create artificial rain to improve air quality by seeding clouds over the sea, but the experiment was not successful. Creating rain over the Yellow Sea located between China and Korea could benefit both countries.

Moon has called for increased cooperation from China to tackle air pollution and proposed a joint air quality warning system.

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