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Women and Water: Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day 2019

  • Women and Water: Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day 2019
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On the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day, Smart Water Magazine summons all women from around the globe involved in the water sector to get implicated and do everything in their hands to help shape a more gender-balanced world. 

In Smart Water Magazine, we have prepared a cycle of interviews to influential women in the water industry, with the aim to attract more women in the following weeks and months to share their experiences with us and keep this cycle running until the next International Women’s Day.

This year, not only do we invite women to share their experiences and thoughts on how to achieve gender equality, but there is also an urgent need to communicate about better protecting our natural resources and strive towards a circular economy.  

Join us and make your voice heard!

Discover the portraits of women professionals in the water sector:

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