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The Global Water Partnership launch Water ChangeMaker Awards 2020

  • The Global Water Partnership launch Water ChangeMaker Awards 2020

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UN-Water coordinates the efforts of UN entities and international organizations working on water and sanitation issues.

The Water ChangeMaker Awards are a new initiative that seeks to highlight experiences in the way water decisions have built climate resilience. The initiative was launched on World Water Day 2020, March 22.

“We are launching the Water ChangeMaker Awards together with about 20 partner organisations at a time of global pain and uncertainty,” said GWP Executive Secretary Monika Weber-Fahr. “The world is fighting a health crisis, and the economic future of many people is at risk. Both need the attention of governments, businesses, and citizens around the world.”

James Dalton, Director for Water at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), one of the ChangeMaker Partner organisations, said, “Now more than ever, smart decisions are needed on how we use and safeguard water and how we protect ourselves from water-related hazards, such as floods and droughts as climate change continues.”

“In the midst of the crisis, we are therefore strengthening our support to those that have stories of success to share. This is why we are launching with our partners the Water ChangeMaker Awards,” added Weber-Fahr.

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