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ELGA® launches the PURELAB® quest water purification system

  • ELGA® launches the PURELAB® quest water purification system

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Veolia Water Technologies specializes in water treatment solutions and provides the complete range of services required to design, build, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial clients and public authorities.
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ELGA LabWater, a Veolia Water Technologies company, has launched the PURELAB Quest, a laboratory water system that delivers water for the widest range of lab applications, offering unmatched value and an outstanding user experience. Prestige labs in Academia, Government and Industry will all benefit from PURELAB Quest contribution to research. 

The PURELAB Quest’s unique design dispenses all three types of lab water (ultrapure 18.2MΩ-cm, pure Type II & general laboratory grade Type III) directly from a tap water input.
From only one unit, the PURELAB Quest produces water for applications from HPLC & PCR to buffer preparation and glassware washing.

The PURELAB Quest is highly compact, intuitive to use, easy to install, uses reclaimed materials and offers remote monitoring through AQUAVISTA™, Veolia’s cloud-based digital solution.

With multiple purity sensors, inbuilt periodic re-circulation and a testing regime which covered over 150,000  dispensing cycles, PURELAB Quest  provides lab water that is beyond question for research labs world wide.

Mope Alo, Product Manager at ELGA LabWater, commented: “Water is the lifeblood of the life science industry, it is central to reproducibility, integrity and data accuracy. PURELAB Quest contributes to the many challenges faced by today’s life science labs and research teams”.

“The PURELAB Quest produces all types of laboratory water directly from a tap water input. It has been highly tested, uses proven designs and offers unrivalled value and reliability. Researchers have fed back that it is intuitive, effortless and ingenious.”

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