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What is the longest river in Asia?

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What is the longest river in Asia?

The age of the river is a matter of debate, but the longest river in Asia dates from approximately 45 million years ago during the Eocene.

1 . Where does the Yangtze river flow through?

The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia. The source of the Yangtze is in the Tibetan Plateau, and it flows into the East China Sea. It is also the largest river in China, where it flows through 10 provinces and has 8 main tributaries.

2 . What is the Yangtze river length and how big is it?

The Yangtze is approximately 6,300 kilometres long and drains 1,808,500 km². It is the third longest river in the world, after the Amazon (South America) and the Nile (Africa), and is longer than the Mississippi river (United States).

3 . Importance of the Yangtze river.

In China, the Yangtze (“Son of the Ocean”) is also known as Chang Jiang (“Long River”), Da Jiang (“Great River”) or Jiang (“The River”). The Yangtze is historically, culturally and economically very important for China. More than one third of China’s population lives in the Yangtze basin. The basin contributes more than two-thirds of the total volume of rice and has some 30 species of economic significance for commercial fisheries in China. In addition, it is the principal navigable waterway of China, with intensive cargo and passenger traffic.

4 . The Three Gorges Dam

In terms of energy production, the total potential power of the Yangtze is estimated to be more than 200 million kilowatts, representing about two-fifths of the total energy potential of all the rivers of China.

The Three Gorges Dam is the largest infrastructure of its kind in the world and powers the largest hydropower plant in the world. Even though the dam enables the production of large amounts of hydropower, it is responsible for numerous natural disasters and floods.

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