What is the longest river in the world?

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What is the longest river in the world?

The longest river in the world is even longer than the distance from New York to Rome and is also known as Marañón and Solimões river.

The Amazon is the longest river in the world, and its name comes from the many native female warriors that attacked the expedition of Francisco de Orellana in the river in 1541; they reminded him of the Amazon warrior women of ancient Greece.

1 . Where does the Amazon river flow through?

The Amazon is the longest river in the world and also the largest river by discharge volume and drainage basin area. With about 7 million square kilometres, the Amazon basin is nearly twice as big as the Congo river basin.

The Amazon crosses Peru (headwaters), Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil (mouth). It flows into the Atlantic Ocean, with a plume that extends some 160 km beyond the coastline.

The Amazon river system has more than 1,000 significant tributaries, with 6 of them that are more than 1,600 kilometres long.

2 . How long is the Amazon river, and how big is it?

According to several sources, the Amazon is the longest river in the world, and also the one with the highest discharge. The Amazon river length, measured from the source in Mount Mismi (Arequipa, Peru), is 6,800 kilometres.

The Amazon is the largest river system in the world, with a surface area of 6,879,761 square kilometres, and an annual discharge of 220,000 cubic kilometres per second, which amounts to 20% of the water that runs off Earth’s surface.

3 . Which is longer, the Nile, or the Amazon river?

The Nile used to the considered the longest river in the world, with 6,695 kilometres, and the Amazon the second longest, with some 6,400 kilometres.

A research expedition coordinated by Peru’s National Institute of Geography, with the participation of Brazilian researchers, described a new source for the Amazon. The finding would make the Amazon river the longest in the world with 6,800 kilometres, compared to the 6,695 kilometres of the Nile river.

However, some media, like the Guinness World Records, still say that the Nile is longest river in the world.

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