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GoAigua consolidates its position in Latin America & becomes a digital leader in water management

  • GoAigua consolidates its position in Latin America & becomes digital leader in water management
    Jaime Barba, CEO of GOAigua.

About the entity

Experts in digital transformation for the water industry. We provide services and GoAigua’s technological solution for the water cycle management.


GoAigua is pioneer in the digital transformation in the world of water. Following the successful digitalisation of Global Omnium (Aguas de Valencia), the company has consolidated its presence in the sector and has made the international leap into the Latin American market, becoming a technological leader in the management of the Integral Water Cycle thanks to projects that have led it to set up in countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Ecuador, where the Valencian company has already strengthened commercial, technological and cooperation ties.

Currently GoAigua, the technological arm of Global Omnium, is a specialist in the export of knowledge and experience to other countries seeking efficient management of water resources, which has allowed its consolidation in many Latin American countries.

Some of the projects the company has participated in include the Integral Management of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Service of Hidrolara (Venezuela); the implementation of water and sewerage systems carried out in Costa Rica and it has actively participated in the Floodability Study of the Santa Magdalena River, in Barrancabermeja (Colombia), where topographic and bathymetric analyses of the same were carried out, in order to avoid its periodic overflow.

Likewise, a few months ago a public-private collaboration agreement was signed with the Government of the Republic of Ecuador to undertake work to improve water quality and management in the Latin American country, mainly in the provinces affected by the 2016 earthquake, Esmeralda and Manabí.

Little by little, GoAigua, part of thr Global Omnium Group, has become a strategic partner of the Ecuadorian Public Water Company (EPA), transferring knowledge and years of experience in technical, administrative and commercial areas and managing projects that affect water, agricultural and popular and solidarity economy sectors, such as infrastructure, management and technological investment.

Water as a social commitment

Global Omnium has undertaken a line of work aimed at strengthening its social commitment wherever it operates, whether it is promoting environmental protection, contributing to curbing climate change or solving supply problems, which led it to donate a drinking water plant to Ecuador valued at $2 million for the victims of the 2016 earthquakes.

Thus, the parent company also participates in programs such as 'Toda una vida' which seeks to promote water projects to revive the agricultural productive economy, and the program 'Agua y saneamiento para todos' which seeks to reduce rates of child malnutrition and ensure the right to food.

Exporting knowledge​

Global Omnium is an international reference in the development of engineering and maintenance for the efficient management of water resources. GoAigua, as the technological arm of the group and a company specialized in the digital transformation of the water industry, has recently been present at major water forums in Latin America presenting the company's success stories.

In this context, GoAigua participated in the International Conference on "Digital Transformation for Water and Sanitation Companies" in Peru, a meeting that was attended by ICEX Peru, the Institute of Regulation and Finance and the Training School in Water and Sanitation Services. Likewise, the technology company has focused on training for the promotion of technology and water eficiencia giving a master in the Postgraduate School ESAN, the first Postgraduate School in Business Administration in Latin America, as well as highlights its participation in the MBA of the Peruvian university Cayetano Heredia.

He has also participated in the conference 'The Water of the Future: Digital Transformation of Water Management', organised by the Commission for Sustainable Urbanism (CUS) with the support of the National Water Authority (ANA) of Peru. It is a country with a large surface area of water since, according to data from the United Nations, there are 9 countries in the world that concentrate 60% of water, a ranking where Peru occupies eighth place as it has 1.8% of the world's total fresh water (2 billion m3).

Global Omnium has successfully completed its own digital transformation in recent years. The result of this is the creation of GoAigua, the company specialising in the digitalisation of the sector that was born in the water industry and is aimed at water professionals. "Our knowledge of the sector, together with our experience in digitizing a water utility, allows us to offer solutions that drive efficiency in the integral water cycle", according to the company's CEO, Jaime Barba.

GoAigua's integration platform makes it possible to manage water cycle processes and data under a single architecture without silos and, currently, has achieved optimization of water services in more than 400 cities around the world.

The company also traveled to Colombia to participate in the 18th edition of the International Congress Water Distribution System Analysis, held in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), where the important advances achieved in the remote reading of smart meters as well as the mathematical model developed to simulate critical scenarios from the information provided by it were introduced to the world.

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