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2023, a highly successful year for Idrica

  • 2023, highly successful year for Idrica

About the entity

Experts in digital transformation for the water industry. We provide services and Xylem Vue Powered by GoAigua’s technological solution for the water cycle management.


Water is an essential resource for life, but it is also very scarce, with climate change, pollution and population growth all putting its availability to the test around the world.

In this context, Idrica, a leading international water technology company, is playing a key role in transforming the sector. The firm develops innovative solutions for end-to-end water cycle management to reduce losses, optimize consumption and protect the environment.

The water sector has changed dramatically over the last few decades. In the past, water management centered on constructing and maintaining infrastructures. Nowadays, it is a more complex process, which requires building in state-of-the-art technologies.

The pioneering agreement reached between Idrica and Xylem laid the groundwork for a partnership that has revolutionized the water sector

Digital transformation is becoming a key element for resilience and responsiveness. Idrica optimizes water management at local level, as well as fostering partnerships and sharing data through smart platforms to improve coordination between government, businesses and the community.

The pioneering agreement reached between Idrica and Xylem laid the groundwork for a partnership that has revolutionized the water sector. This strategic alliance has resulted in a series of remarkable achievements that have boosted operational efficiency and sustainability in the sector.

These are some of the milestones we hit in 2023:

  • In January, the agreement between these two leading water technology companies was announced, marking the beginning of an innovative partnership which promised to fast-track the digital transformation of water utilities, simplifying the implementation and use of technology, and enabling customers to manage their water assets and resources more efficiently.
  • In February, Idrica began to consolidate its position as a leader in the digital transformation of water utilities, reflecting its commitment to innovation and excellence. This leadership is based on the progressive growth of the most comprehensive portfolio of technological solutions on the market.
  • In March, Idrica and Global Omnium co-hosted the WEX Global 2023 event, promoting the role of digital transformation, and strengthening an ecosystem where water, digital technology, sensor technology and instrumentation are placed at the service of society. It was also the first event to showcase the Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua solution, the platform created as a result of the agreement signed by Idrica and the multinational Xylem.
  • In April, Idrica took part in the Quality Water Summit 2023 event, focused on circular economy and sustainability. One of the presentations given by our colleagues discussed "Networks and Non-registered Water" and "Sustainable Urban Drainage.”
  • In May, Idrica was nominated for the prestigious Water Industry Awards 2023 in the Smart Water Networks Award category for its smart water network development project in Sheffield, United Kingdom. These awards acknowledge best practices, innovative initiatives and the leading organizations in the sector. In the same month, a paper presented by Idrica and Global Omnium was published, entitled "Data flows in smart cities", and was ranked among the top three articles at the EUBIM 2023 Congress. The partnership between the two companies was key to bringing together the potential of managing the environment offered by a GIS and the centralized information provided by a BIM in a single software solution: Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua.
  • In June, Idrica launched the Idrica Academy, a digital school for lifelong learning for company members and partners such as Xylem to further their knowledge of the water sector, and to boost internal training on the product portfolio.
  • In July, Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua received the Smart Water Networks accolade at the Water Industry Awards. The platform won the prize for the Hadfield Smart Water Network Project in Sheffield, United Kingdom. The initiative, developed by Idrica and Xylem, was singled out for its innovative approach and its contribution to efficiency and sustainability in the water sector.
  • In August, Xylem and Idrica, the companies behind Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua, launched a new corporate LinkedIn account to raise the profile of the smart water management solutions offered by the platform, aimed at increasing awareness of the benefits of digital transformation in water management.
  • In September, Idrica, together with Xylem, participated in the Spain Water Summit 2023, the benchmark event of the year for the water sector where, over the course of three days, the current challenges of digital transformation in the sector were analyzed. The Summit was also the setting chosen to showcase the latest digital transformation innovations and case studies.
  • In October, Idrica reached an agreement with Brabant Water, one of the largest Dutch water utility, to implement the Xylem Vue solution powered by GoAigua. The platform, which includes a digital twin of the water distribution network, will enable Brabant Water to improve the efficiency and resilience of its water supply.
  • In November, Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua sponsored the 2023 Aquatech Innovation Forum. The event focused on the latest innovations in the water sector and brought together experts from around the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the future of water. This meeting underscored the value of innovation in the water sector, and identified the trends that are shaping the future of water.
  • In December, an agreement was reached with WEX 2024, with the Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua platform as its Digital Transformation Partner for the fourth year running. Attendees will be able to learn first-hand about the functioning and versatility of this tool. Idrica will also be co-hosting the event, while Global Omnium will be participating as a Utility Innovation Partner.

The future of the water sector involves major challenges, such as scarcity and pollution, but it also offers opportunities for innovation and sustainable practices. Smart resource management, the use of advanced technologies, the promotion of sustainable agriculture and global partnerships are key to adapting to this scenario. As individuals, communities and governments, we must work together to ensure a safe and sustainable water supply, prioritizing conservation, reuse and nature-based management. The future of water tomorrow depends on the decisions we make today.

These accomplishments demonstrate Idrica's commitment to improving water management and making the sector more sustainable. Idrica is set on developing innovative solutions that help ensure a safe, efficient and sustainable water supply for future generations.

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