Spain Smart Water Summit 2024

Digital Utilities, from Intelligence to Efficiency

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Meliá Avenida América
September 17 - 19

In an era where sustainability and efficiency become the fundamental pillars to face the challenges of climate change, the Spain Smart Water Summit emerges as the epicentre of innovation for the water sector.

After the spectacular success of the last edition, in 2024 we will focus especially on water service operators, who are leading the digital transformation, facilitating the transition to smarter, more efficient, and resilient water management.

Artificial Intelligence, a key technology

The integration of advanced technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with solutions like IoT, remote meter reading, and digital twins, is heralding a new era in water management. This year, the Spain Smart Water Summit is putting AI in the spotlight, making it the edition's key topic. AI is becoming a transformative tool in the sector, capable of analysing large volumes of data in real-time, predicting water demands, and optimising water distribution and treatment in previously unimaginable ways.

This technology not only enhances operational efficiency and reduces resource consumption but also plays a crucial role in mitigating climate change impact. Thanks to AI's predictive capabilities, utilities can anticipate extreme events, manage water resources more effectively, and ensure equitable water distribution. Moreover, AI significantly contributes to leak detection and prevention, leading to a substantial reduction in water loss and promoting more sustainable resource use.

PERTE: a long term vision for the water sector

With two calls for projects already underway and an anticipated investment of over 3 billion euros, the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) for the digitalisation of water cycle management in Spain is a key driver for the advancement of the water sector in Spain.

In this edition of the SSWS, we want to look beyond the immediate horizon and assess how these projects are laying the groundwork for a profound and lasting change in water management.

Utilities, as key players in this transformation, will share their experiences and perspectives on the implementation of these initiatives, opening a dialogue about the future of water in Spain.

Participation and sponsorship

The Spain Smart Water Summit 2024 invites water management companies, technology providers, and all stakeholders in the sector to be part of this essential forum. Together, we will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by digitalisation, to build a future where water management meets intelligence and sustainability.

Join us at this transformative event, where utilities will be the true stars, leading the way towards more efficient water management adapted to new global challenges.

Silver Sponsors

Xylem Inc.

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A global horizon

The inclusion of speakers and delegates from Asia and Latin America marked a milestone in the last edition of the Spain Smart Water Summit. In 2024, the event aims to go beyond those boundaries, opening its doors to new geographies.

Aiming to capture a broader range of water management innovations and strategies, we seek to integrate the unique visions of service operators and technology providers that are redefining water management globally.

This ambitious project will be supported by international trade and cooperation agencies, as well as multilateral financial institutions, all of them committed to leading the way in water transformation.

An event for collaboration and knowledge exchange

For three days at the Meliá Avenida América in Madrid, the event will offer a space to exchange knowledge and experiences, with a diverse programme covering technology, management, and sector financing. "One-to-one" meetings between industry leaders and government representatives will highlight the importance of collaboration and joint innovation.

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Spain Smart Water Summit 2024 will be a key meeting point for water companies. This event will not only address current challenges, but will also explore emerging opportunities in an increasingly digital world.