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Smart Water 4.0. Water quality monitoring

  • Smart Water 4.0. Water quality monitoring
  • Technological innovations play an essential role in preventing the risks our drinking water networks are exposed to.

About the entity

Grupo Mejoras
Group of companies specialized in the supply of technology for the improvement of hydraulic efficiency, water quality control and sewerage maintenance, with more than 25 years of experience in the water sector.


The cyber security necessary in critical water infrastructure underscores the need to monitor water networks using sensors 4.0 that ensure reliable and safe IoT communications.

In this regard, it is essential to have autonomous systems that can be located at strategic points within drinking water systems to monitor water quality, warning about any deviation from established health criteria and sending alerts and data to corporate solutions.

We are in the midst of a continuous digital transformation that affects almost everything around us. However, regarding the most valuable resource we have, water, there is still a lot of work to be done. In the water sector we face a digital transition.

Technologies as well-known as big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality or artificial intelligence are some of the terms we are hearing about on a daily basis, because the way the resource is managed is changing.

At Mejoras Energéticas we have been working in this area for more than 25 years, combining innovation and quality with knowledge and experience. akwametric was born as a result of all that.

akwametric is a system comprising low consumption digital nodes to monitor water quality, specifically designed for installation in water distribution networks and remote locations such as water tanks, without mains power.

Akwametric integrates the Multilog 2 platform, which, in addition to monitoring water quality, allows controlling hydraulic districts, including flow recording and an internal high sampling frequency pressure sensor to detect and register transients, as well as 2G/3G/NB IoT.

Advanced monitoring of critical infrastructure

The new akwametric has unique characteristics: it can read quality parameters such as chlorine, temperature, pH, conductivity, etc. without requiring a connection to the electric grid and without a costly set-up, including also other quality parameters such as flow, pressure, water level, and transients. The equipment features sturdiness, autonomy, multiparameter modularity and low water consumption.

The installation is simple, at the line, non-invasive, at the water supply connection or using a pipeline bypass, with minimum maintenance, thanks to the design of measuring chambers with a self-cleaning system, with no mechanical or electrical parts.

Installation at the water supply connection

akwametric can run on discreet sampling mode to minimise water consumption, using the HydroSwitch functionality:

  • The measuring interval can be programmed, with synchronised operation of the sampling circuit open/close electrovalve.
  • Water is consumed only during the measuring cycle.

Installation at the line

The installation of the sampling chamber makes use of hydraulics to reintroduce water again in the pipeline, with a small head loss, with no need for motors or complex injection systems.

The system can be configured remotely: alerts, intervals, where and how many times to send the data, etc. User-friendly calibration of water quality parameters using a mobile app.

Modular system

The modular nature of the akwametric system is key to provide flexibility; it can be adapted to the requirements at each location:

  • It can be customised and expanded at any point.
  • The flow chambers can be assembled on a DIN rail.
  • Integrated flow regulator.
  • Working pressure >6 bar.

Data viewing and export

The “Web Data Manager” TTSQL Viewer application allows remote management of the akwametric system with viewing, set-up and export modules.

The data registered are sent safely and automatically to the control point, with multiple export alternatives to the corporate solution.

Thanks to its autonomy, size and communications, the akwametric system can be used for multiple applications in the water sector, such as:

  1. Water quality monitoring in the distribution network.
  2. Preparation of Water Health Plans.
  3. Water tank monitoring.
  4. Water quality at end points of the network (chlorine, turbidity, temperature, etc.)
  5. Ornamental fountains.

Akwametric helps managers implement Water Health Plans based on Spanish Royal Decree 902/2018: they control the risks and ensure the supply of healthy clean water, from the abstraction point, to the tap of the end user. 'We are committed to this type of control because it ensures risks management', said Francisco Aguado Jiménez, Managing director of Sercomosa.

Water management 4.0

The main Spanish smart cities such as Barcelona, Murcia, Valencia, Madrid, Malaga and Bilbao, already use the akwametric system. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us.

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