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Miya is awarded a €6 million project in Angola

  • Miya is awarded €6 million project in Angola
  • The project will benefit approximately 273,000 residents in Namibe. 

About the entity

Miya is a provider of end-to-end integrated solutions in urban water efficiency and an operator of water assets. Established in 2008 with the mission of ensuring the abundant supply of fresh water through efficient management of existing resources.


Miya, through its subsidiary INDAQUA, has been awarded a new contract in Angola, in the province of Namibe. The contract is for a duration of 36 months and has an approximate value of 6 million euros. The contract, signed with the National Water Directorate, is financed by the African Development Bank.

In this project, Vista WATER, a company belonging to INDAQUA operating in Angola, will be responsible for the operation, maintenance and commercial management of the water supply system, so that the nearly 273,000 inhabitants of Namibe will have guaranteed access to quality water , 24 hours a day.​

With this initiative, Miya consolidates its presence in the Angolan territory, and strengthens its position as a reference company in the water sector, recognized by the different market players at national and international level.

"In recent years, INDAQUA has opted for a strong presence in Angola, so this agreement is an accolade to our strategy of growth through internationalization. In addition, we are preparing other projects of identical characteristics, which materialize our strategy of staying in that country, "says Enrique Castiblanques, CEO of INDAQUA.

It should be recalled that INDAQUA is, since 2018, the owner of 100% of the capital of Vista WATER, after Mota-Engil disposes of the capital it holds.


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