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Madrid will host the first edition of the Urban Water Summit in April

  • Madrid will host the first edition of the Urban Water Summit in April

Water management is one of the most fundamental services for the successful functioning of cities, where currently more than half of the world’s population already resides. The technology needed to guarantee water security in cities has progressed enormously in recent years, and in a context where the effects of climate change are increasingly present. Nevertheless, there are still political, financial and social challenges that need to be firmly faced.

In Spain, the lack of investment, the complex framework of powers and the absence of a regulatory body, as well as the discussion on management models and the lack of public-private collaboration for the construction of infrastructures, are some of the topics most debated before the imminent municipal, regional and general elections.

The Urban Water Summit 2019 is a reference space for the debate on the management of urban water services. On the 4th of April 2019, Madrid will host an event where water professionals will present the most innovative technologies of the moment and, where the challenges that new political leaders face, will be intensely debated.

Numerous entities and international organizations will participate, including Aqualia, Schneider Electric, We Are Water Foundation and Acciona Agua.

If your company is interested in participating, please contact us.

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