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Schneider Electric leader of the new SWM Company Ranking

  • Schneider Electric leader of the new SWM Company Ranking
    Image: Schneider Electric


Since the launch of Smart Water Magazine over a year ago, this week we inaugurate ‘SWM RANKING’. This Ranking measures the influence of worldwide organizations and professionals of the water industry, according to transparent criteria.

SWM publishes content of all kinds: by companies, public administrations, international organizations, associations, foundations, etc. The Ranking has several classifications depending on the category of the entity, the most important ones being Companies, Blogs, and Public Administrations. Concerning Companies, the factors considered for the calculation are the page views on the web, the number of SWM Likes and the contents in Smart Water Magazine Monthly.

In this first-ever Ranking, Schneider Electric, global specialist in energy management and automation, is leader within the Company category. The company’s contents of the last 12 months summed up to 53 articles, opinion pieces, interviews and blog posts. These added up to a total of 1,431 points. These are some of Schneider Electric’s most-read content:

Next in the Ranking are ACCIONA, in second place, with 924, and Membracon, in third place, with 484.

How is the Ranking order established?

The ranking order is established by a unit of measurement created for this purpose: SWM Points. This metric is calculated through a mathematical algorithm that takes into account the content published during the 365 days prior to the calculation date and will be updated every month, coinciding with the publication of each issue of SWM Monthly. The data of the visits to the web are extracted from Google Analytics, while the amount of SWM Likes are directly counted and can be seen in the different contents of the web.

How are SWM points earned?

Each content published on the web by an entity or blogger gets 1 point for every 10-page views; also, for each SWM Like it gets 2 points, which become 5 in the event that the user who grants it is a verified user. On the other hand, if the content appears in SWM Monthly, it gets 250 points. This amount is fixed and corresponds to an estimation of the average audience generated by the monthly magazines. It should also be mentioned that particular content can obtain a maximum of 1,000 points. This is done to prevent the distortion of the entire classification in case a specific content goes viral.

For more information, visit SWM Ranking – How it works.

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