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Lake Hallstatt, an aquatic fairy tale

  • Lake Hallstatt, an aquatic fairy tale

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If you have ever dreamed of travelling to a picturesque landscape surrounded by striking mountains, you have arrived at your destination. 

Lake Hallstatt, located in a small Austrian village by the same name, is one of those places that seems to be taken straight out of a magazine. Situated in an imposing area surrounded by mountains with a height of 3,000 metres, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

The village surrounding the lake has no more than 800 residents and its beauty is so famous and that China built a replica of Hallstatt in Luoyang, Boluo County, in the south of the country.

To get to the hamlet, it is necessary to cross the lake by ferry and once there, visitors can visit the pool and the old salt mine, as well as the underground lake of Salzwelten.

A funicular connects the mine with a platform on the lake. A little to the west, there are trails and alpine routes that lead to the Echern valley, full of glacier mills and, a little further on, the Waldbachstrub waterfall.

Hallstatt is also one of the most photographed places in the world, and the most beautiful village in Europe according to Instagram, although it is no surprise.

Tranquility, nature and magical scenery.

Would you include it in your bucket list destinations?