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Spain, a country of reservoirs

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  • Spain, country of reservoirs
    Mequinenza reservoir (Wikipedia/CC).

In Spain there are more than 350 reservoirs with a total storage capacity of 54,000 hm3 of water, which amounts to 50% of the river discharge in the country.

In this list, we include the 10 largest reservoirs in the country.

Serena reservoir (province of Badajoz)

Built in 1989, it has a capacity of 3,220 hm3. This volume could meet the needs of the region of Extremadura for more than 30 years. It is also the third largest reservoir in Europe.

Island in the middle of the reservoir

Alcántara reservoir (province of Cáceres)

Completed in 1969, it has a capacity of 3,162 hm3. When it was built it was the second largest reservoir in Europe.

Almendra reservoir (province of Salamanca)

Besides being the third in size, it has the highest dam in Spain. It has a surface area of 8,650 hectares, including the natural water course of the Tormes river, and a capacity of 2,648 hm3.

Buendía reservoir (province of Guadalajara)

The dam was completed in 1958, and it has a storage capacity of 1,638 hm3. Together with the Entrepeñas, Bolarque, Zorita and Almoguera reservoirs, they form what is known as "Mar de Castilla" (the sea of Castile).

Mequinenza reservoir (province of Zaragoza)

Also known as "Mar de Aragón" (the sea of Aragón), it was built in 1966. It has a volume of 1,530 hm3.

Cijara reservoir (province of Badajoz)

It was built in the year 1956 at the border of the provinces of Cáceres and Badajoz. It can store up to 1,505 hm3 of water.

Valdecañas reservoir (province of Cáceres)

It is one of the reservoirs with a larger surface area in the Tajo river basin, with 7,300 hectares. It can store up to 1,446 hm3 of water.

Ricobayo reservoir (province of Zamora)

Completed in 1935, it can store 1,200 hm3.

Alarcón reservoir (province of Cuenca)

The reservoir's capacity is 1,1223 hm3. At the end of the reservoir furthest from the dam we can find the canal of the Tajo-Segura interbasin transfer, where its waters mix with those of the Júcar river.

Iznájar reservoir (province of Córdoba)

It was finished in 1969. With a capacity of 981 hm3, it is the largest reservoir in Andalucía.

(Images from Wikipedia, MAGRAMA and Flickr)

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