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Two months after flooding, Venice canals almost dry

  • Two months after flooding, Venice canals almost dry
    Low tides in Venice. Image: Wikipedia
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Barely two months after Venice witnessed the highest tide in 50 years, leaving much of the city underwater, low tides have now left canals practically dry, reports BBC.

Gondolas and boats are stranded in the mud as canals run dry.

Getting around the city for residents and tourists has become an issue, as canals look more like mud trenches.

Last November, Venice experienced its highest water levels, which caused more than a billion euros of damages. The severe damage was said to be a direct cause of global warming, and affected the city’s most popular landmarks, including Saint Mark’s Basilica and St Mark’s Square.

Although low tides are not as unheard-of, as the tides can vary by around half a metre, the water has peaked 45 centimeters below sea level, meaning several waterways are impossible to navigate with just a trickle of water running through them.

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