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ACCIONA and Siemens consolidate their alliance to develop water projects

  • ACCIONA and Siemens consolidate their alliance to develop water projects
  • The first agreement was signed in 2018, and ACCIONA became the first company in the sector to be certified by the German company as an EPC partner for the water industry.

About the entity

The water business of ACCIONA concentrates on water treatment and reverse osmosis desalination, a technology in which it is the world leader.
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SIEMENS and ACCIONA have renewed the agreement whereby both companies became EPC partners for the water industry.

This certificate ratifies that ACCIONA is fully committed to the most advanced engineering tools and technologies, giving it a key and prominent role in the deployment of systems and the implementation of integrated automation systems to provide comprehensive know-how in process programming techniques.

During the year, in which both companies have worked together ever closer, we have developed new products that allow us to achieve new capabilities and take on great challenges on a joint basis.

“ACCIONA has proven itself as a reliable partner for the realization of large-scale projects with Siemens Enterprise portfolio for automation and digitalization”, said Eckard Eberle, CEO of the Siemens process Automation unit”. We look forward therefore to further expanding our collaboration with ACCIONA. Siemens and ACCIONA combine the expertise of both companies to provide our customers with digital solutions for drinking water, desalination and waste water treatment plants. Thanks to the digital twin, water plants can be realized faster and more cost-effectively.”

One example of an EPC is the Al Khobar 1 desalination plant in Saudi Arabia, where a project is being developed in which SIEMENS is the main supplier of electrical, control and instrumentation technology. The most advanced developments are being implemented jointly in technological elements such as the Control System, a simulator-trainer (OTS) and an integrated plant management system (PMS).

Another challenge taken on by the two companies has been the development of the 4.0 concept for wastewater treatment plants, developed in the Culebro Cuenca Baja WWTP as part of the operating contract that ACCIONA has with Canal de Isabel II.

Among the milestones reached is the completion of control systems with  PCS7 and the start-up of the Putatan DWTP (Philippines), the Ibarra WWTP (Ecuador), the Oum Azza DWTP (Morocco); the installation of an Advanced Energy Management System (ENMPro) in the Mairena WWTP, and developing an Energy Management System for more than 15 plants in the plants under the Canal de Isabel II contract in the Jarama basin.

As well as these milestones, we would also highlight the implementation of Sinema Remote Connect cybersecurity connectivity systems for the remote connectivity of plants with the Water Control Centre based on a SCALANCE firewall, where artificial intelligence techniques are being implemented.

In the near future, this agreement will help in the evaluation of options for digitalization and the exploration of the client portfolio of ACCIONA to develop solutions and increase the activity of both partners.

"This agreement is the framework that enables us to make considerable progress in the digitalization strategy of ACCIONA. Becoming a technology partner of SIEMENS puts us at the head of industrial innovation and strengthens our technological development capabilities. Working with a technology partner allows you to co-create, which is the basis of all advanced technological cooperation", says Alejandro Beivide, Director of Automation and Control in ACCIONA.

"For SIEMENS it is essential to explore the path towards automation and digital transformation of the future”, explains David Pozo, PA Director of SIEMENS.

ACCIONA strengthens its commitment to technological development, focused on the creation of value and the search for efficient and competitive solutions based on innovation in the end-to-end water cycle, from the design of plants and projects to their long-term operation in all areas: production, control, reports, processes and security.

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