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Print Edition Nº 8 - June 2021

Private capital: a key driver of sustainable recovery

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Content summary

We launch the June issue of Smart Water Magazine Bimonthly. This time our cover features Fady Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman, International, of Abdul Latif Jameel. In a conversation with him we learn about the keys to the success of this business group committed to becoming a global leader in the water solutions sector through Almar Water Solutions. In our business section we have two more interviews not to be missed: José Enrique Bofill, Regional Director MENA-Asia at Aqualia and Will Sarni, Founder and CEO of the Colorado River Basin Fund. And we cannot talk about business without considering efficiency: Miya Water explains how to transform a company’s organisational model to boost performance. Another core theme in this issue is innovation: we visit technologies of the future such as SOURCE’s Hydropanel, and we envision low-cost desalination systems using solar-thermal power, thanks to efforts to accelerate their development through the Solar Desalination Prize competition. In the digital realm, technology is today’s reality: we hear about digital solutions by Hidroconta and Diehl Metering, while Droople reflects on the ethics of new technologies.

Find all this and much more in Smart Water Magazine Bimonthly 8.


Miya Water explains the many benefits of a Non revenue Water Reduction Programme for the stakeholders of water companies.

How to prevent corrosion in sewer systems? Brucite+ presents a safe and eco-friendly product to raise the pH of wastewater.

To protect and preserve our water resources, Hidroconta calls for incorporating digital technology into management practices.

Companies often have reservations when approaching the digital transformation. Datakorum sheds some light into common myths.

Droople raises the question about ethics in new technologies: a set of principles allow risk management and a sustainable digital future.


Fady Jameel. Deputy President and Vice Chairman, International, of Abdul Latif Jameel

  • Almar Water Solutions provides technical capabilities for water infrastructure development, including design, financing and operation
  • The idea is to capture opportunities to add and grow value, whenever they arise, and to use those opportunities to drive you forward
  • Abdul Latif Jameel works with partners to drive transformation, innovation and action in the renewable energy and water sectors
  • Almar Water Solutions is helping to address water scarcity and water quality challenges across the globe through its investments

José Enrique Bofill. Regional Director MENA-Asia at Aqualia

  • It is more necessary than ever to have a political commitment to improve efficiency through the entry of specialised operators
  • We have experience addressing water scarcity issues with client-oriented technological solutions, always supporting sustainability
  • We have technology to obtain recycled water of enough quality for the most demanded uses, while obtaining clean energy as a by-product
  • Operating companies must propose solutions to advance wastewater reuse and optimise the energy efficiency of the water cycle
  • In the countries in the MENA region there are promising steps to allow the collaboration of the private sector in water management

Will Sarni. Founder and CEO, Colorado River Basin Fund

  • My next step was to raise capital for a fund to address water scarcity, water quality and equitable access within a specific watershed
  • Focusing on a watershed provides the opportunity to mobilize entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders around a specific location
  • It has become clear that under current and projected conditions, the Colorado River is no longer able to meet the demands of its users
  • We believe digital water technology has the greatest potential for growth based upon water sector research and recent acquisitions
  • The CRB Fund is focused on innovative water technologies and engaging with investors to support the scaling of these solutions

Dhesigen Naidoo, CEO of Water Research Commission South Africa

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has re-emphasised the need to improve water supply governance and ensure universal access to basic services
  • The WRC has initiated a study on water resources contamination by the inappropriate disposal of used personal protective equipment
  • ‘New sanitation’ involves innovative solutions that are generally non-sewered with major savings on money, water and energy
  • The Water Research Commission is promoting the use of all kinds of water to improve the water security of all vulnerable communities
  • The principle “every drop matters” enables the establishment of a closed loop system where the same water is used several times

Robert Bartrop, CRO of SOURCE Global, PBC

  • At SOURCE we look to partner with people, companies and institutions who need a source of clean, resilient, sustainable drinking water
  • We need to support public water systems in embracing innovation and building a more resilient, decentralised water delivery system
  • We would like to see a greater emphasis on extending water solutions for households and communities that are not currently being served
  • According to a study commissioned by SOURCE, just a third of Americans feel confident about the quality of water coming out of their tap
  • We hope the Biden administration will go further, making sure that the jobs created are rooted in innovative technologies

Avi Shultz, Concentrating Solar-Thermal Power Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office

  • The Solar Desalination Prize is a key part of our overall strategy to develop solar-driven technologies to decarbonize thermal processes
  • DOE designed this competition to accelerate the development of thermal desalination systems powered by low-cost solar-thermal energy
  • The competitors make up cross-functional teams with researchers and entrepreneurs from universities, industry, and the DOE national labs
  • Teams develop their own performance metrics to be competitive with current state-of-the-art technologies for their target market
  • Real water sources typically have a complex mixture of contaminants that are difficult for many to obtain and use for testing

Markus Drexler, Head of Corporate Portfolio Software & Related Services at Diehl Metering

  • Customer-centric can be about giving consumers responsibility, empowering them to find their own answers and drive their own cost savings
  • These are all the main features of IZAR @ HOME: information about water consumption, billing and being alerted if there is a problem
  • A utility in Denmark now uses the IZAR @ HOME app to provide consumers information about thermal energy and their water meters
  • Urgent messages, such as frost alerts or leak alarms, will reach consumers immediately, so they can react rapidly to prevent damages
  • With the user interface IZAR @ HOME console, utilities can customize the App and get in touch with their consumers directly

Simon Roberts. Economic Regulation Team Leader (acting) at City West Water

  • By putting water at the heart of our planning decisions we can create healthy waterways and vibrant, cool and green communities
  • IWM brings together stakeholders involved in the water cycle management, to ensure liveability, resilience and sustainability
  • I don’t think the community thinks about water management beyond what comes out of the tap and goes down the loo. I know I didn’t
  • New supply sources can provide opportunity for local Traditional Owner groups to seek access to river water for cultural flows
  • Through the efforts of water corporations to create sustainable, liveable cities and sharing the lessons learned, we all benefit

Opinion articles

  • Fiona Sutton, Principal Consultant, SRK Consulting
  • Saloni Walimbe, Content Writer at Global Market Insights
  • Joseph E. Goodwill, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering. University of Rhode Island
  • Gerard van den Berg, Coordinator of ULTIMATE and Project Manager at KWR Water Research Institute
  • Chrysi Laspidou. University of Thessaly, Greece. VP Research & Technology, Water Europe
  • Blair Smith, Melbourne Water Innovation Lead, Commercial & Technology – IT
  • Robert Glennon, Regents Professor at the University of Arizona College of Law